soccer is life Advantages of one touch palys games One touch game with three teams

Hello and welcome to My Website! My Name is Abdolali Changiz I Want to Share My Experinces in Soccer and Life with you...Hope You Enjoy It !

soccer is life

  Soccer isn’t a game… It’s a way of life… In order to be great you have to want it and never give up… If you get pushed… Push them

Advantages of one touch palys games

learning one touch play will  help players become superior at dribbling and turning because it will help teach them when and where to do it, and each skill will need

One touch game with three teams

  Warming up: Working with three teams (numbers are optional, e.g. it can be 4 v 4 + 4 or 5 v 5 + 5 etc). Teams (1) and (2)


Make soccer games simple and easy for kids

Soccer has many rules which are difficult to learn by kids, so it is important to make it easy and enjoyable for kids, and just like a simple game. Here


Basic Soccer Nutrition program for beginners

Soccer is a really dynamic sport, and that is why it is important to obtain the right balance of diet. A soccer player’s diet is an exact science, and should


soccer playing benefits for your kids and younger persons

  Millions of children participate in soccer clubs, leagues and programs each year; it shows that soccer is one of the most popular and fastest-growing youth sport in the world


About Me

I am Abdol Ali Changiz,   In 80’s, was the soccer national player of Iran and Esteghlal (Tehran), 1987-1991, soccer player of Al-Ahli and Al-Arabi clubs ( UAE), 1993-1999, coach


Gallery – a tribute to Abdol Ali Changiz

This collocation includes some photos of Abdol Ali Changiz, during his sporting career, from 1976 until now. Since he joined Iran’s National Youth Team, played in Esteghlal club and Iran


soccer coaching lessons

A.A.C. Soccer coaching club delivers modern coaching lessons, youth soccer coaching tips, and professional soccer drills adapted from the most updated sources online. The lessons include technical soccer drills, professional soccer